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Vehicle Tracking

We are a Ghanaian based company specialized in GPS Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking solutions, with focus on Mobility and Fleet Intelligence.

CCTV Surveillance

Our cameras not only provide the level of image detail you need but are also built with the intelligence to help you make sense of what you’re seeing

Access control

By using an electronic access control system, you can avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys and also gain much more control.
About SelData

We Provide Dedicated Service Since 2012

SelData Solutions has been in operation for nearly six years, we professionally install, service, and maintain everything we install, and never use subcontractors. Our hundred's of clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which is what sets us apart drastically in the industry. Our in-depth knowledge spans across CCTV, Access Control, Electric Fence, GSM Wireless Intruder Alarm, Gate Automation, Garage Door Automation, Fire/smoke/Gas alarm Detectors, and all kinds of security systems. We also offer our clients expert advice, where we can assess your requirements in order to offer you the best protection and monitoring systems whether at home or in the workplace.


Our video security, cloud and access control solutions are integrated and powered by SelData to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action and protect what matters most.



The majority of operator time is spent looking for suspicious activities, with less than 5% detection rate after the first 20 minutes.


Around 10% of operator time is spent verifying security events – something humans are good at, when given enough time.


There is little time left for operators to actively collaborate on effective actions that prevent negative outcomes.

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    Our Premium Services

    Our Best Services

    We empower our products and services with the ability to handle security challenges for today and tomorrow: Security for life.

    Electric Fence

    Electric fences deter potential intruders from accessing your property, standing in their way as a physical, intimidating barrier. While the shock these fences deliver is non-lethal, it’s enough to stop most people in their tracks, delaying their attempt to steal your assets or materials.

    CCTV Surveillance

    We care about the security of your business and home. Combining advanced surveillance we provide our clients with a complete unique security solution built on cutting-edge innovation and technology.

    Burglary Alarm System

    We understand the challenges faced protecting your home/business from unauthorized access and can provide an intruder alarm system tailored to your needs; to keep uninvited guest off

    Vehicle Security & Tracking

    Our Immobilizer allows you to block (stop engine) your vehicle in case of theft. This can be applied either through our web interface or the smartphone app.
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